Google Lens Transforms Your Phone Into A Super-Intelligent Camera

Successful ventures always ask for evolution and adaptation. Google is one of the leading tech companies that has delved into versatile technology trends such as Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and so more. Apart from this, the company has invested in many other channels and paradigms of the tech-world viz such as:

  • Making gadgets and software
  • Designing classroom training tools
  • Designing a virtual assistant
  • Creating products to solve social issues using technology

Presenting To You …..Google Lens!

At Google’s I/O developer conference 2017, CEO Sundar Pichai announced the release of a new technology called Google Lens. The basic concept of the product is to leverage Google’s computer vision and AI technology which could give our smartphone cameras even more power. The vision-based computing capabilities allow a smartphone to understand what’s going on in a phone, video or live feed. For instance, if you point your phone at a flower, Google lens will tell you which type of flower it is or aim the camera at a restaurant sign just to see its reviews popping up.


Another interesting feature available in Google lens is the ability to point at a router’s setting sticker and have it automatically connected to the network using Optical Character Recognition. Combined with assistant, Google lens also allows users to point their phone at a sign for a concert and automatically add that event to the calendar. Moreover, it can even purchase tickets right then and there.

Not so long ago, the company had launched Word lens to detect and translate text in any foreign language from a picture captured by your smartphone’s camera. Another app named Goggles could pull up any information on the painting, bar-coded image or a landmark captured in a frame. Lens will no longer be a standalone mobile app to accommodate for functional versatility.

AI And Big Data Weaved Into The Conventional Search Feature

Google has encouraged rethinking all its products with a renewed focus on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The CEO of the company said “All of Google was built because we started understanding text and web pages. So the fact that computers can understand images and videos have profound implications for our core mission.” And Google lens is an attempt to combines the best of both device-centric worlds.

The company simultaneously started its mission while establishing data centers all across the world with a huge network of computers set in place. These machines were fed with valuable pieces of personal information for around 2 decades. It may quite interest you to know that AI-first data centers were the foundations of building an app deep-rooted in Big Data in order to create a smart world.

The massive reserves of visual information and Google’s growing cloud AI infrastructure helps the lens to not only procure information but also understand the context, figure the location out, predict user’s next set of actions and so more.

Is Google Lens A Smart Software Or Beyond?

AI and Big Data aren’t just the two buzzwords that lens can relate to. While showcasing the mesmerizing mobile app, the company also hinted at the future of smart-sensing and data-aggregation. By combining all the general-purpose sensors into one super-sensor- the smartphone camera is about to bring a “trillion-sensor world” revolution.

In addition to this, Google attempts to shift the world’s focus from being device-centric to AI centric. This move has resulted in bringing the higher success rate that the company can boost of, as compared to its competitors. For example, Samsung with its Bixby Vision on the Galaxy S8 has ventured into similar space by creating a vision-based version of the digital assistant. Facebook had announced an augmented-reality (AR) platform for its developers to experiment with photo and video filters, games and art projects.

Lastly, The Company didn’t announce when Google Lens would be available, only saying that it’s arriving “soon.”


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