Why should a startup launch a mobile app first instead of establishing a website?

Not every business benefits from having an app but with the growing demand of smartphones, mobile apps turn out to be a smart move to your current customer retention strategy. Many surveys have revealed that people spend around 80% of their time using different smartphone apps. The staggering figure is more likely to increase in the future. Now being a businessperson building and maintaining apps may not be a part of your main focus. And thankfully, to develop a mobile app you don’t need to hire a professional as you will find numerous outsourcing options around who strive hard to provide great and easy user experience.

Why Your Startup Needs A Mobile App? – Now

Most of the small to medium scale business owners have this misconception that smartphone apps are meant for large scale entities or industries. Moreover, they often think that these Android and iOS apps are too expensive or too industry specific, which is absolutely incorrect. Any business can profit from a mobile app, do you know how?

Pleasing Your Customers- Mobile apps, be it android or iOS give businesses the opportunity to interact with their end-users in the real time with accurate information on the location and demographic through user profiles. Connecting with a reliable mobile application development company generally, succeeds in translating your engaging customer into a paying customer.

Direct Marketing Channel- Apart from 24*7 visibility, apps even act as a direct marketing channel that provides general info, prices, booking forms, search features, messenger’s, user accounts and so more.

Above all, being an entrepreneur your customers can receive special sales and promotional discounts at their fingertips. Whether you offer push notifications or have direct interaction reminding the end users regarding your latest products and services can create wonders for your business in no time.

Your Brand Name Impacts Everything- Instead of launching a website, a mobile app can greatly contribute in building you as a brand. It’s more like a blank billboard sign where you can create it in whatever way you prefer, stylish, informative, hip, functional, etc. But always remember to develop an app that is loved by your target audience as well as builds your brand gracefully.

It is truly said that the more often you get your customers involved with your app, the sooner they will be compelled to opt for your products and services.

Be An Exception- Establishing new e-commerce websites have become pretty common these days. Seeking help from a mobile app development company can take you a big leap ahead of your competitors. Have a forward-thinking approach and surprise your present and potential customers.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty- Last but certainly not the least, developing your very own mobile app cultivates customer’s loyalty. With so many options out there- roadside banners to billboards, flashing signs, newspaper ads, flyers, coupons, website banners, businesses tend to lose impact on their customers. Hence, developing a feature-rich mobile app is a great idea to make them loyal towards your product. After all, you are just a fingertip away at all times.


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