Best Mobile Application Development Companies To Choose In UK

Over a past few years, mobile applications have succeeded in becoming the heart of the online business. Thus, going for the best mobile application company to carry out the app needs is very important. Now building digital products is hard and one wrong decision can lead you to months of delay, badly coded with poorly designed user experience and worst of all- tens and hundreds of dollars wasted. While on the other hand, selecting the right mobile app development company could overcome the difference between a profitable mobile business and wasting money on useless code just to die a painfully slow business death.

Now, deciding who to partner with is no easy decision and can be insanely tricky. The following post offers a plethora of signals to evaluate if the app development company is actually credible or not.


Ability to ship on time

Can your development partner hit deadlines, each and every time? Not shipping on time can probably turn out to be the hardest thing in terms of cost and wasted opportunity. As a business, be it a startup or an established one, it is quite advisable to ensure that the company you spend tens or hundreds of dollars has the potential to make good on their promises.

Client references

Before choosing any app development company, it is always advisable to go through their past work. See which brands they have worked with and the types of problems they have solved in the past. This gives you a good indication of what they can provide you.

Can they provide experienced engineers?

Just like how design and development are done, who designs and develops the app is equally important. As a client, a certain level of craftsmanship is supposed to be expected that can be achieved only with experienced, top-notch talent.

Like I said before, selecting a mobile app development company is not easy and one mistake can lead you back to square one. Although, you will be limited primarily by cost but choosing a cheaper option may seem attractive on the surface. Therefore, evaluate pretty wisely! Further, in the post, we have curated some of the trusted mobile application development companies in UK considering the aforementioned key factors.

#1 Brightec

The company based in Brighton with its offices in London & Amsterdam chooses user-centered approach means to develop smarter and friendlier ways for their clients as well as the end users. Over the last decade, the Brightec has succeeded in building highly successful, award-winning apps for some of the UK’s leading enterprise companies and most innovative start-ups.

Further speaking about their team of mobile app developers, they are skilled and well experienced in working across a number of market sectors and have helped many businesses solve organizational challenges, improve sales and engage their audiences.

#2 Red C

Since its inception in 2007, the company endeavors hard in creating outstanding mobile solutions for its clients across the globe. Red C incorporates various teams of developers such as:

  • Native apps developers – they choose the native build approach which means that the code is written in the same language as the operating system.
  • iOS apps developers – The team of developers can develop apps in Objective-C, a mixture of objective-C & swift or purely in swift.
  • Android apps developers – Java is the primary development language used by their professionals to carefully design apps that looks great on all devices.

#3 Pocket app

Established over a decade, Pocket app has been successfully building fully integrated solutions including mobile applications, mobile internet sites, augmented reality, mobile coupons, etc. Their service range includes:

  • Enterprise mobility with leading security and management controls
  • App development services includes utilization of Bluetooth, QR codes, SMS, MMS, GPRS and newer technologies like NFC
  • Mobile Consultancy- they company truly understands how the target audience engages with the developed app.
  • Responsive Design- Tablets and smartphone sales are exploding and Pocket app incorporates an extensive range of designers/developers in order to keep their customers ahead of the trend.

#4 TatvaSoft UK Ltd.

The software development company strives hard to become the most preeminent information technology consulting service provider across UK. Established in 2001, the CMMI Level 3 company has succeeded in providing a competitive edge to many organizations. With its offices in London, Tatvasoft excels in providing custom application development services to multiple industry domains and diverse technology platforms such as .Net, Java, BizTalk, Sharepoint, Big Data and so more.

The team of mobile app developers tends to collaborate with enterprises to design, develop and offer complete IT solutions for their valuable clienteles.

#5 Just Total Tech

Founded in 2008, the company specializes in providing a full-fledged, cross-divisional operation that supports a growing client base throughout UK. Their extensive range of services include:

  • Bespoke software development
  • Web application development
  • Mobile app development
  • Website design and development
  • eCommerce
  • Open source development for platforms including CRM, ERP, Magento, Opencart, WordPress, and Joomla

The team of professionals makes a point to meet every requirement of the client and end up turning their vision into reality successfully.

So this is it for now! We hope that the post will help you to narrow down your search as well as save some valuable time.


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