Evaluating a Mobile application development company in the United Kingdom

Mobile app developers in the UK are predicted to add billions of pounds to the economy this year. A mobile app development company UK builds applications for tablets and smart phones are forecasted to generate billions this year, with the United Kingdom benefiting more than any other economy in Europe form billions of consumers spending on their phones.


More than a third of the generated revenues by all 28 European member states come from the United Kingdom, with 8,000 organizations involved directly in application development, hiring 380,000 people. Britain is home to the King Digital Entertainment that makes the blockbuster Candy Crush Saga smart phone game and BBC as well as developers like Mubaloo, which build applications for other organizations. Finding a third party mobile application developer is easy. Nevertheless, finding the right application development company to work with could be truly tricky. Deciding who to partner with for a mobile app development and design isn’t an easy task. How to choose and how to evaluate the app developers in the UK requires proper consideration.

mobile app development company

Things to keep in mind when evaluating a mobile app development company in the UK:

1. Ability for on time shipment. This is pretty straightforward. It is important to determine if the partner could hit deadlines every time. Untimely shipping is probably the most difficult thing when it comes to cost and a wasted opportunity. The company to invest with should be able to make good on its promises.

2. Determine where design and development is done. When it comes to outsourcing mobile app development, there is a cost versus quality dynamic. A company may get a cheap partnership, but chances are it will not be of the same quality that a leading provider could provide.

3. Customer references. One of the first things to check out is the portfolio of the application development company’s past work. It is important to determine which brands they have worked with in the past as well as the kinds of problems that they have solved. This provides a good indication of what they could provide their clients.

4. Find out if experienced or junior engineers will be working on the app. Many service providers would charge less because the app is being made by inexperienced engineers. Some are okay with that. In other instances, clients expect a specific craftsmanship level that could only come with top-notch, experienced talent. Also, there is more risk or a project being derailed with an inexperienced agency. If completing the mobile application on time is a priority, the experienced designers and engineers could finish the project and deliver on time.

5. Determine if the service provider gives a white label application or a fully custom application. Some mobile app development companies would re-skin a white label application and rig it to suit client needs. This may be completely all right for some companies that depend on the situation, many applications for trade shows and conferences probably could just be white labeled as the pretty much all need the same functionality. Ninety-nine percent of 100 companies would want a custom application developed and designed. Choosing the less costly white label solution could be detrimental and end up being more costly rather than a cost savings.

6. Check out the application developer’s process. Find out if the process or processes of the company ensure that the application will be shipped on time. If it does not ship on time, determine if the process ensure the client is aware they the application is behind schedule. This is most helpful in mid-project. A good service provider would have a process wherein they would be able to identify, mid-project if it is on track to be completed by a deadline or not. Process is important as well since it does not only ensure that the app will be shipped on time but also ensures that it is built right.

Choosing a mobile app development company in the UK is not easy and one would definitely want to be thorough with the decision. A mistake could be costly. The most important thing is to evaluate mobile development organizations on their past work, pitches and talk to a few of their former and current clients. This would provide the clearest sense of the capabilities of the application developer process and the ability to ship on time. Britain consumers lead the way when it comes to smart phone ownership and spending on mobile entertainment and shopping, downloading over 250m applications a month, which is equal to four per British citizen per month.

Certainly, the UK is among the top global tech industry hubs with various metrics that indicate that it in fact is the biggest technology hub in Europe and is most likely the second most important technology hub after the United States. The economy of the United Kingdom is more export-oriented, wherein developers could significantly generate more revenues from high-growth markets outside Europe compared to other European developers.


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