Top Trends To Follow In Mobile Apps Development

In 2015, mobile users surpassed PC users worldwide whereas the year 2017 offers a massive growth for the mobile market. Technologies continue to evolve in order to make mobile app development cheaper and easier across the board. Besides, global revenues from mobile applications are expected to grow by a jaw-dropping 962.5% between 2011 and 2017, i.e. ($8 billion to $77 billion).


Besides, with high apps usage levels, the mobile apps industry is expected to cross $100 billion by the end of 2020.

Location Based Apps

As the name suggest, these apps will look at location, time, temperature or activity level to give the user a customized experience. For example, Snapchat has created a custom feel to locations with location filters, giving companies a golden opportunity to advertise based on specific location.

Its key advantages:

  • Offers customers deals based on location and vicinity to the business
  • Real-time promotions based on their proximity to the business

Augmented Reality Apps

The unprecedented success of Pokemon Go was due to augmented reality that offered a highly engaging experience to the general population. Although, such apps aren’t just used for playful purposes but apps like Word Lens can also be used for educational purposes.

Its key advantages:

  • Reach millennial audiences in a highly engaging way
  • Successful apps such as Pokemon Go, Snapchat filters gives the user a sense of hyper-reality

Android Instant Apps

These apps give the user ability to use apps without downloading them. Besides, instant apps are built lighter, so they take up less space on the user’s device.

Its key advantages:

  • New Google play technology lets you use apps without downloading them
  • Save adequate room on your phone while still engaging with a branded experience

Artificial Intelligence Apps

Last year, Facebook released a playful video showing new artificial intelligence technology being developed called Jarvis. Although, it was just a teaser and did not represent the real app. The year 2017 will make artificial intelligence seep into every aspect of our lives.

Its key advantages:

  • Apps that can learn your preferences
  • Make recommendations for you based on your behavior
  • E-Commerce apps can now predict what items customer want on the basis of their previous purchasing behavior.

IoT Apps

Internet of Things commonly known as IoT may sound complicated but essentially it connects everyday objects like your phone, to control a greater aspect of your day to day lives.

Moreover, combining artificial intelligence with IoT allows a mobile app developer to predict as well as personalize the digital experience.

Its key advantages:

  • Household items being controlled remotely from your mobile device
  • Offers new ways to automate our daily lives

Increased Cyber Security

Tons of personal information such as bank account information, credit card numbers, etc stored on the cloud turns out to be easily accessible worldwide. Now any reliable mobile app development companywould be security minded.

As we move further in 2017, securing personal information will become more secured by default.

Its key advantages:

  • Our personal information will remain secured as app developers have started taking some extra precautions.
  • Faster detection and remedies of threats
  • Operations are more simplified
  • An increase in end to end encryption will be seen

Interactive Marketing Apps

It is revealed that app revenue will soar to $77 billion by the end of 2017 with approx. 268 million mobile app downloads. In fact, several companies have started using mobile apps to connect with their customers for quality engagement.

Its key advantages:

  • Increases sales conversions
  • Lower overhead expenses
  • Audience engagement
  • Social network sharing

Person-To-Person Economy Apps

With the success of mobile apps like digital wallet which lets you make and share payments among friends, the person-to-person is being facilitated really well through technology.

Its key advantages:

  • Venmo and the Facebook Marketplace
  • Connects faster and find relevant things that improve your life


It’s time to stay ahead of the curve by growing the business revenue and surpassing all your business goals. With such a bunch of mobile apps, one can:

  • Increase sales
  • Drive engagement
  • Build brand loyalty

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