Mobile App Development in the Future

The mobile application industry is a very exciting place to keep an eye on. It has grown tremendously and the future looks bright, not only for mobile app users but for mobile application developers as well.

The mobile app field is an exciting area to keep an eye on. It has tremendously grown over the last decade and likely to continue doing so. So, what does the mobile app development future hold?



A lot of organizations look forward to introduce solutions that could cater to the consumer needs. Companies are launching different mobile applications faster. Such mobile app solutions originated with the bright idea of delivering maximum value to the clientele at each step while developing smart phone apps using the major components such as fast launches and quick market reach.


The last couple of years have been paramount when it comes to innovations in the mobile world. The development sector particularly, is headed towards a wonderful transformation because of the different trends. Take a look at such trends that would keep mobile app developers happy this year and beyond.

1. Relevance of Cloud-Based Development. Mobile app developers predict that cloud-based smart phone apps would rule the market this year and they have. Growing cloud-based technology plays a vital role in the phone app development industry. The ultimate trends make application developers more focused on integrating and synchronizing apps that are developed for multiple devices. The cloud approach help developers in such a way that they could build outstanding applications that could be used easily on various mobile platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows and others. There is already a great number of organizations working on cloud-based app development platforms.

2. Better User Experience. From the little Apple watch display to the increasing, advanced screen size of the current Android handsets and iPhones, all provide a better user experience. An application has to retain its efficiency and functionality across all devices. Furthermore, app developers proficient in this would have more chances to succeed.

3. High Security in Applications. There’s been a lot of reports that point to the concern of users when it comes to hacking. As per prediction, 75 percent of mobile apps would not pass even basic security tests. These days, security is paramount. Hackers would continue the trend of exploiting known gaps of security in mobile apps to obtain sensitive, relevant and confidential information. Security would still remain a huge challenge for developers. It’s necessary for developers to take effective security issues.

4. Swift. It is a brand new programming language by Apple. For beginners, iPhone app developers confirm that using Swift is quiet easier compared to working with difficult Objective-C. Developers are learning the nitty-gritties of Swift so they could implement it easily.

5. HTML5. The framework and other related development tools would become more popular. As the advanced technology would improve, more and more organizations would adopt ‘hybrid’ as their main technology for mobile applications. Unlike native application development, mobile apps also use hybrid frameworks such as Intel, ionic, XDK, Mobile Angular UI, Sencha touch to support numerous platforms and reaching a bigger user bases would become significantly cheaper.

In this view point, developers must keep an eye on hybrid technologies.

6. Rapid Growth of the Popularity of Enterprise Application. Almost 35 percent of huge enterprises this year have their own app development platform. The number is expected to rise in the coming years. For this reason, the third enterprise application developers stand to gain the profit in this scenario. Presently, more than 42 percent of enterprise application developers have approximately a monthly revenue of $10,000 because of the growing popularity of enterprise application. There would be a big opportunity for mobile app developers for the enterprise market in the future.

7. Google App Indexing. When Google begun favorite mobile-optimize websites a few years back, huge brands with responsive designs witnessed a bigger boost in search results. The same SERP updated now are beginning to happen for applications. As a matter of fact, 40 percent of the total Android searches at present turn up app-indexing, a number that grew fast this year. Apple and Bing are also getting in on the application search game.

Mobile application is the future of software development. Today, the maximum number of people using smart phones demand only the best applications. Some mobile app developers already have gained momentum while others continue to make great efforts. However, there is no doubt that with the growing demand for mobile applications, there is plenty of room for developers wherever they may be located in the world. There is no doubt that mobile app developers will make remarkable marks in the mobile app development landscape in the future.

It is high time to create an outstanding mobile experience for users. Mobile app developers of course should be ready for all the changes and innovations that the coming years would bring.


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