Android Apps Development is a very profitable venture at present

Android apps development is a very profitable venture as long as a developer know what to develop and how to go about with it. The key is to develop both free and paid apps and monetize from them accordingly.

With the amazing number of people joining the trend of developing mobile applications, a lot of people are wondering if doing the same thing would be worth it. Some applications are for free download, so how does it make money and gain profit? Questions like this are of course legitimate since developing mobile apps is not cheap. Before venturing on any mobile development project, expectations on monetization and profitability has to be very clear.


In terms of profitable platforms, the profit is based on the kind of app developed. At present, Android apps development is a very profitable venture as long as one knows what to develop and how to go about with monetizing it. The key is to develop paid applications and definitely one could get money from everyone who bought it. However, one may also opt to develop free apps and put Google Adsense ads and money could be acquired from the Ads. A developer may also want to work as a freelancer in freelancing websites or work in a company or even start up as an Android developer.

Here are more tips/suggestions on becoming very profitable with Android apps development.

1. Create a quality product. The attributes of a great app are in flux constantly, thus do not just turn to what is at the top of the charts at present and copy them. Take pride in one’s genuine application.

2. Acquire a freemium strategy. Most developers seem to have taken this advice to heart, for the free application part of the equation. The Google Android Market has the biggest share of free applications available at sixty percent against twenty-nine percent for the iPhone.

3. Turn free users to paid and generate revenue. To achieve this, the key is to optimize the user experience. However, this could not be done without proper analytics. A developer has to know how a user is engaging with the apps, both free and paid and there the user is dropping off. To acquire this information level, one needs a user-centric funnel which spans from the free application to the paid one. As soon as the developer has this information, he or she could place a link in the free app to the paid app appropriately. One could then track the performance of the link and adjust placement accordingly.

4. Get downloads and increase the user base. Make sure to do research, time the sales well and know when to go for a price cut, but more importantly, when not to. It is a good idea to investigate the reason for a surge of interest in the app, react to trends and publicize the application across social media channels.

The market of Android as it is, could still be lucrative for developers having the right mindset. Furthermore, with the market’s upward trajectory, it is building up to even be more so. Based on the thousands of Android developers, there is always a way to boost revenue. Creating a successful app for Android is a goal that is worth pursuing.


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