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MAPS Applications for iOS

Maps apps for iOS also come with third party applications. It is getting better each year and what more is exciting is the offline maps that provide information to one’s destination even offline.

Recently, the navigation market has drastically changed. It wasn’t long ago that a lot of drivers relied on stand-alone GPS hardware to navigate around the city or cross country. Nowadays, many turn to their smart phones and mapping applications for navigation requirements.


On an iPhone or iPad, users could go with Apple Maps that comes with iOS or choose third party applications like Waze. Apple Maps is getting better every year, but still not viewed widely as equal to a lot of popular third-party applications.



Now, there is the Offline Maps for iPhone and Android. One could not think if an iPhone without a data plan of any kind since most people use iMessage, connect to social websites, check emails and do more via the network. Thus, when going abroad on travel minus a good roaming data plan, one needs to keep it down to save money.


Offline Maps come as an entirely useful service. Having offline maps is similar to being online with Maps, although there are some limitations. Most offline Maps are created in a way that one could cache or download a city, place of interest or a part of the map to the device. This makes it available even when one is not connected to a network. Of course, to download data would require being online.


1. MAPS.Me. Go where you want with this application. It is perfect and simple when it comes to guiding to reach one’s destination with no hassles and without internet connection. It is fully loaded with maps from all over the world that are free to download on the iDevices. is useful when traveling to an unknown place and have no idea on hotel, restaurant, parking place or even a WiFi spot. It is also now available for Apple Watch as well.

2. City Maps 2 Go. It is yet another application that provides map directions offline. All it takes is to turn on the GP and see the location. The GPS automatically detects one’s location and reach the destination with the directions provided by the offline maps. Aside from that, one could also get detailed reviews and inspiring stories of all the places one visits so users could know the place better and in a better way. It allows searching for a place, saving directions, book a hotel. All this could be done within the application.

3. Pocket Earth. Make traveling stress free with the application. Up to some extent, the word seems to be true with the type of features provided by the application. It works on GPS system to provide offline maps and directions right at the fingertips. It has more 1 lakh places in the database, making sure that each and every corner of the world is covered. It also supports different file types and enables sharing it with friends to they would not get lost. Also, Pocket Earth has several special directions and maps for adventurers, particularly for cycling and hiking.

4. Sygic. It isn’t just a map guide, but could also get plenty of information from on iOS devices. The application offers voice navigation besides simply reaching one’s destination. It warns when one is about to reach the speed limit or is about to pass through speed cameras. The junction view provides a clear idea of taking contingency on highways. All the main maps of continents are included, to provide users the best experience. Now, the app supports Apple Watch as well.

5. Galileo Offline Maps. It is totally free and does almost everything the others do, but with one vital difference. It works based on cache, meaning that there is no concept of downloading maps. One only has to take a look at the map for offline use and it will be cached at all the zoom levels that one sees it on.

6. World Maps Offline. This is truly a neat, simple and clearly focused offline maps applications. The great thing about this is that unlike a lot of other applications, there is no in-app purchase. One only has to buy this one, choose patches to download and it will all be saved to the iPhone.

Maps apps for iOS offers all-new design and a host of innovative features. The apps make finding and getting to one’s destination easier and faster than ever. With turn-to-turn directions, proactive suggestions, 3D views and the ability to use third-party applications, there is so much to explore.

Getting directions to where one is headed is a lot easier and simpler with Maps applications for iOS.


Google Assistant v/s Siri – Here is the clear winner

Apple and Android users have always argued about which phone is better, now they can debate which digital assistant is better. One of the major highlights of the Google I/O conference 2017 was the launch of its version of Siri named Google assistant, on the iphone. For those don’t know, Siri is Apple’s own entrenched AI assistant. Long ago, using voice commands seemed to be like science fiction but today people are expecting their phones to provide such assistance.

But the question is which one is better?

Google Assistant


Siri first came to iphone in the year 2011 with iphone 4S. Over the recent years, the mobile app has gained so much popularity that is now available with several Apple products such as iPad, AppleTV, Mac computers and much more.

Siri is mostly used to :

  • Control Apple Music
  • Open mobile apps
  • Set a timer
  • Check your mail
  • Get directions
  • Add an appointment to your calendar
  • Send a text message
  • Start a video call
  • Check your calendar for next appointment
  • Search the internet
  • Set a reminder
  • Find photos
  • Get scores from sporting events
  • Tell a joke
  • Check the weather

Ask Siri to :

  • Make reservations at a restaurant using Open Table
  • Get a ride with Uber
  • Send tweets using Twitter
  • Discover the best local places on Yelp
  • Start a run with Nike Run Club
  • Make a call on mobile apps such as Skype or Whats App
  • Post to Facebook
  • Says what song is played using Shazam

In addition to all this, Most of the mobile apps development companies recommend using Siri as it can now be used with apps from companies other than Apple.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a new digital assistant recently arrived on Pixel and Pixel XL phones and Google home smart speaker. It may quite interest you to know that the mobile application works with other Google services such as Gmail, Google flights, Google photos and Google Maps.

Google Assistant can be used for various purposes like:

  • Get a daily briefing of news
  • Find out your travel schedule
  • Set reminders
  • Send videos to your chromecast streaming TV device
  • Get weather
  • Find out the travel time to work
  • Check your calendar
  • Find photos on google photos
  • Ask google assistant what it can do

So, which assistant is better?

Both Siri and Google assistant can be very useful in several situations. But their usefulness mostly depends on how much you are using their compatible products. Apart from this, Google has been doing AI for much long and has the potential to pull a bunch of tricks that Siri can only dream of.

Some of the best Google assistant features that Siri can’t match include:

#1 Written conversations

A user can type questions to Google assistant. A genuine game-changing feature that lets you use all the smarts of Google without needing to say actual words in public and have everyone around you judging your movie choice. With Google assistant, written queries get treated exactly the same as spoken things; which means you can write in natural speech, i.e. set an alarm for 7 or whats the weather like today, etc.

#2 Contextual answers

Another interesting feature offered by the mobile app is that it simply reminders what you are talking about. For instance, you can ask “who directed Batman begins” and follow up by saying “show me the pictures of him”. It will bring up images of Christopher Nolan. Google assistant goes a long way to act like a real person, and not some kind of information-fetching bot or an enhanced version of Google.

Moreover, Google will even suggest a lot of these follow-up features to you which are easier to access.

#3 Flight status

A user can ask Google “What’s the status of flight Delta 361 to Atlanta?” the info will be given directly within the application without kicking you out to a web page. Siri is not even close to this. In fact, Google itself cannot give you a precise flight status, it still gives useful info.

#4 Bots

Google has opened up the assistant’s natural-language processing to several third-party companies. Let’s take an example of Genius, the music recognition, and recommendation database. Ask the assistant “I would like to talk to genius” and you get a new conversation specifically with the genius bot. One can type in a couple of lyrics and the mobile app reveals which song you are listening to.

#5 Shopping list

Well, both Google assistant and Siri do have a shopping list feature. But Google is much faster and slicker in terms of use. Moreover, it can be managed from multiple devices.

The assistant does not keep the shopping list as another list. Which means, when the user browses to the list in the home app he will find the option to shop your list using Google Express. One can view the list or simply browse the item options, check out all without leaving the app, etc.

Getting your way into easy and effective iPhone apps development processes

With the growing popularity of iPhone usage, iPhone app development services are widespread. Developing apps for iOS has become a very lucrative endeavor all over the world, and in UK in particular, there are hundreds of thousands of mobile app developers building various apps for the iPhone to meet the evolving and varying user requirements.


Start developing iOS apps is a perfect starting point to learn to build applications that run on both the iPad and iPhone. Going through the concepts in iOS application development, a developer could have a deeper understanding of Swift and be familiar with the numerous Xcode features as well as the IDE or Integrated Development Environment of Apple.

The different phases in custom iPhone application development

1. Discovery Phase. Before any production work could start, a discovery phase is an integral first step. By information gathering and nailing down any objectives, one will have a clear idea of what issues to solve with the project before firming up the concept. Also, this is a time to check out what else is in the market, identify the audience and pull together any market research.

2. Concept Phase. After doing research, the concept phase follows with the value propositions and objectives laid out. This is the time to lay vital groundwork for the application. With the help of a product manager, this is the time to truly refine the idea, have a developer weigh in on the functionality of the app early on, write up a certain document and technical spec document.

3. Wireframe Phase. When the tech specification document is written, translating all features of the application into specifications, it’s time to build wireframes, which act as a user experience roadmap. It is demonstrating what the users’ options would be and information architecture blueprint, laying out what parts of the website would have what content. A good wireframe relies on excellent UX and user interface or UI design as well.

4. Design Phase. Consider several angles, such as building an appealing visual design, intuitive User Interface and an engaging UX. Effective designing means creating the feel and look of every screen of the application, with all the icons, graphics, custom animations and more that would define the app for sure. Any graphics made would be imported into the Xcode development environment.

5. Goals phase. Build design mockups and prototypes. Establish the design system for the app, style guide and patterns used in the app. The phase is collaborative with the development stage and thus expect some back and forth between developer and designer.

6.Software architecture planning. Scalability is one of the most integral things for a mobile app. It should be written to support growth from the start. Architecting an application during this phase is crucial and can prevent having to completely rewrite it when it has to grow.

7. Front-end and back-end coding and integration phases. The most complex phase with a lot of iterations, with constant feedback loop between the designer and the developer along the way. On the front end, decisions should be made on how the app’s functionalities come to life with code. This includes programming languages such as Objective-C, Swift, and more.

8.Testing Phase. Thorough quality assurance testing is paramount. Since the submission and approval process of Apple is notoriously harder than Google’s, this phase could be crucial. Go through all the way of the app on a device or Xcode simulator screen by screen, to make certain that there are no bugs and everything smoothly works. Debugging could be done correctly in Xcode. Cover all bases when testing and test across various devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, iWatch and iTouch, since things such as screen resolution, battery life, processors and memory would be different and could affect how the application runs.

9. Submitting the application for review. The process of submission typically involves some fixes and re-submissions. Getting the application live in the App Store takes a few steps, which include code configuration, building a profile, and building listing and submitting it via Xcode for certification.

Keep in mind that developing an iPhone application is an ongoing process and that in reality they are never really finished, even if you are not adding new features later on. Always, there is a degree of maintenance, fixing bugs and updates, which make developing an app a breathing, living project. Apple’s image of quality that takes in 90 percent of the total money spent on mobile applications. Users of Apple are more than willing to spend money on iPhone applications. Apple is popular of its high quality products, both software and hardware. Even the retail stores are the apex of customer satisfaction and service. It has created the premium brand and thus the iOS application development is no exception. When someone downloads the iOS application, they expect it to be a fantastic software that works flawlessly with their device.

The new iPhone 8 design could be the best look at Apple’s intriguing design


Apple has just recently released iPhone 7 a few months ago. However, many eyes are already turning to the model next year, which is the new iPhone 8, expected to be the biggest launch of Apple in years. In the talks regarding hardware and features that Apple is looking to put into the presumptively titled iPhone 8 this years, the implicit question has been what it will look like. As much of the advanced hardware ideas are taken away leak by leak, the expected technology to ship inside the iPhone 2017’s flagship smartphone has turned out to be more pedestrian and in parallel with the recent trends from manufacturers of Android.

apple iphone 8

Setting new display technologies aside, it’s hugely believed that iPhone 8 would also feature enhanced camera technology, facial recognition functionality, improved internals and many more. The iPhone 8 release date is not fixed yet, but followers of iPhone devices are already anticipating and getting excited about the brand new features of the new release. It is also reported that augmented reality or AR could very well be one of the defining features of the new device. Apple is said to have gathered an awesome diverse and strong team with expertise across all aspects of the augmented reality user experience. Furthermore, Apple eventually may complement iPhone 8 with a pair of AR-based eyeglasses, which echo several previous rumors over the past few months.

Apple also has recruited people who have expertise in everything, from 3D video production to wearable hardware. Among the experts are Cody White, the former lead engineer of Lumberyard VR platform of Amazon, Duncan McRoberts, the former director of Meta software development, Avi Bar-Zeev who worked on the Google Earth and HoloLens and Yury Petrove, a former Oculus researcher. Apple has rounded out the team with camera, iPhone and optical lens engineers. There are people who are experienced in sourcing the raw materials for glasses. Also, the company has mined the movie industry’s 3D animation ranks. As to how an iPhone with augmented reality could benefit end users, some speculated that iPhone 8, along with the upcoming iOS 11 of Apple would allow users to point their camera at an object or thing and learn information about it. Some also believe that the new release could use AR to boost the platform’s gaming experience.

Rumors have suspected that the Apple’s new iPhone release date will not be out on time for the normal release date in September. Nevertheless, a research note from analysts of Barclay obtained by MacRumors stated that the highly-anticipated smart phone would have a September release date but in limited quantities. The new iPhone 8 is a 5.8-inch device, rumored to be called iPhone Pro, iPhone Edition or iPhone X is expected to be announced together with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7’s Plus in fall. Nonetheless, most iPhone 8 units may not be available until after the fourth quarter of this year. Meaning, that people would be scrambling to have an iPhone 8, honoring the tenth anniversary of the smart phone. Shipping estimates could fall back by a few weeks, just minutes after pre-orders start to kick off.

In general, suppliers are positive about the upcoming launch of the iPhone 8 as new features drive a more complex manufacturing process as well as higher ASPs. Analysts reiterated previous rumors regarding iPhone 8, which feature a Touch ID embedded on the display, claiming that the extra space can be used for virtual buttons. It is also believed that the smart phone would have wireless charging, yet the accessories would be separately sold. The iPhone 8’s stacked logic board design enables more space for a larger battery and other components. iPhone 8 is being fabled as a major upgrade, following same design of chassis for the iPhone. One of the iPhone 7 features flagship features was the addition of waterproofing. Along with a glass chassis redesign and the bezel-less screen, the new iPhone would also best the iPhone 7 with much higher resistance to dust and water. Analysts predict that the new iPhone release would outsell the previous iPhone 6 since there is a bigger based of iPhone users who are waiting now more than ever to upgrade.

5 Iphone App Development Trends To Follow In 2017

Another day brings another bunch of IOS app development trends for you. In this modern era of technological advancements where better is always considered as the best, Apple still remains the most dominant single app store with $34 billion in sales for the year 2016. The major upsurge in the number of techno-savvy users over the recent years has simply resulted in the development new and innovative smartphone apps.

With the continue change in the world of technology, businesses will need to hire app developers on the permanent basis to meet the latest and upcoming trends, particularly in terms of IOS app development needs across the globe. Thus, in order to help iPhone app developers stay glued to business, here I have come up with some interesting iPhone app development trends that will rule in the year 2017.


Swift Coding :

Until now, objective C coding has been the mainly used by almost all the iPhone apps development company. When swift hit the world of coding a year ago, developers found a new set of framework and methodologies which are simple and inclusive and allows them to use Xcode tools to write a reliable code. In fact, Apple recently launched Swift 3.0 with more exciting and developer-friendly features owing to its increasing recognition among the developer community.

Emergence Of Beacon Technology And Related Apps :

The emergence of Beacon technology is quite a pleasant surprise for many iPhone app developers worldwide. In fact, apple has always targeted to wipe out the difference between online and offline and i Beacon is the most impressive attempt in this direction. And as a result, developers have succeeded in taking the technology to restaurants, hotels, health-care industries where a push notification of customer-friendly ads are sent straight to the handsets.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure :

As the mobile commerce continues to explode day in day out, most of the iPhone app development companies strive hard to create apps with security at its core for their end users who love to make purchases through their mobile apps. It’s a developer’s responsibility to build an app featuring high-end security that compels the user to trust the company’s app. Developers need to learn new Apple standards for security.

Wearables And ioT :

Each year ioT is becoming a mega trend. User’s interest towards ioT is developing on the gradual basis. Apple has taken its stance to develop apps towards that trend and succeeded in making its proprietary IBeacon and Homekit technology. Though prediction on the specific basis can be difficult to make, yet the market is developing and triggering IOS app developers in that particular direction.

Virtual And Augmented Reality Apps :

Apps especially iPhone apps are now making leeway to newer areas out of which one is virtual and augmented reality. There is a huge scope for iPhone app development companies to design apps in this space as the market is very much in the beginning stage, competition is yet to set. Which means this is the perfect time to explore potential in the new domains and create an edge.

Meet IOS 10.3.1 – See What’s Included In The Update

Are you an iPhone user? If so, there is something that you need to know. IOS has been out and appears to be a significant success but on this 3rd April 2017 Apple released IOS 10.3.1, and that’s just one week after the release of IOS 10.3. The update comes as a pleasant surprise and is thoroughly dedicated to bug fixes and security patches. Apart from this, there are a lot of things that add ups to make 10.3.1 a much better experience.

The jump from 10.3 to 10.3.2 was a bit odd and that’s the reason why Apple did a rapid fire of IOS 10.3.1 for IOS 10 users. Although it is a minor update, still it could create a dramatic effect on one’s device performance.


What is IOS 10.3.1 all about?

IOS 10.3.1 is compatible with all IOS 10 devices such as iphone5 or later, iPad 4 or later and the 6th generation iPod touch and later. Like I said before, the update was developed to fix some of the problems with iPhone 5 and 5c caused by IOS 10.3. In addition to this, you iPhone and iPad will be faster and you will also find some small UI changes and features.

An Unbiased Review

In case, if you are updating from iPhone 7, you can expect a 30 MB download while the update seems to be tiny if you are coming directly from IOS 10 and i.e. just in a matter of seconds. After updating the phone, no major issues were noticed with battery life, connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular), core applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Chrome, etc. The UI speed seen after updating iPhone 5 to IOS 10 has increased with the updated version 10.3.1 which means you will see faster animations and transitions.

Other than this, several iPhone app development companies have revealed that a new brand application named Clip is about to release which allows the user to create fun videos with the content you have shot on your IOS device. Further speaking about the app, it comes with effects like animated speech bubbles, arrows, and banners and a feature called Live Tiles which lets you create animated titles and captions using your voice.

Lastly, as soon as you are done one can easily share the content with friends over iMessage, Facebook or any other social network site.

Have you ever thought about renting movies via iTunes? Well, in case if you have skipped installing IOS 10.3, IOS 103.1 offers you a golden opportunity to download the latest version of iTunes through which you will be able to rent a movie and watch it across several of your devices.

Do you own a pair of Air Pods? Well the IOS 10.3.1 could be a godsend. The update allows the user to find his or her air pods located inside find my iPhone application. In fact, most of the iPhone app development companies are benefitted with the feature that allows you to track the precise location of your Air Pods. Moreover, It also lets you create a sound to help you find your lost headset. The update could act as a lifesaver if you misplace them at a restaurant, a friends house, on a bus or inside of a taxi.

IOS 9 and IOS 10 users have been dealing with bug or performance issue but installing IOS 10.3.1 could have a positive effect on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s performance. This update fixes the bug which could keep Maps from showing your present area after resetting Location & Privacy, voiceover stability improvements are also available for Phone, Safari, and Mail. And It also fixes a serious 911 robocall problem.

After IOS 10.3.1, Apple IOS 10.3.2 update is currently in beta for several iPhone developers and the general public. Although there is no confirmed release date as Apple never confirms dates ahead of time.

For more information and updates, keep watching the space!