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Mobile App Development in the Future

The mobile application industry is a very exciting place to keep an eye on. It has grown tremendously and the future looks bright, not only for mobile app users but for mobile application developers as well.

The mobile app field is an exciting area to keep an eye on. It has tremendously grown over the last decade and likely to continue doing so. So, what does the mobile app development future hold?



A lot of organizations look forward to introduce solutions that could cater to the consumer needs. Companies are launching different mobile applications faster. Such mobile app solutions originated with the bright idea of delivering maximum value to the clientele at each step while developing smart phone apps using the major components such as fast launches and quick market reach.


The last couple of years have been paramount when it comes to innovations in the mobile world. The development sector particularly, is headed towards a wonderful transformation because of the different trends. Take a look at such trends that would keep mobile app developers happy this year and beyond.

1. Relevance of Cloud-Based Development. Mobile app developers predict that cloud-based smart phone apps would rule the market this year and they have. Growing cloud-based technology plays a vital role in the phone app development industry. The ultimate trends make application developers more focused on integrating and synchronizing apps that are developed for multiple devices. The cloud approach help developers in such a way that they could build outstanding applications that could be used easily on various mobile platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows and others. There is already a great number of organizations working on cloud-based app development platforms.

2. Better User Experience. From the little Apple watch display to the increasing, advanced screen size of the current Android handsets and iPhones, all provide a better user experience. An application has to retain its efficiency and functionality across all devices. Furthermore, app developers proficient in this would have more chances to succeed.

3. High Security in Applications. There’s been a lot of reports that point to the concern of users when it comes to hacking. As per prediction, 75 percent of mobile apps would not pass even basic security tests. These days, security is paramount. Hackers would continue the trend of exploiting known gaps of security in mobile apps to obtain sensitive, relevant and confidential information. Security would still remain a huge challenge for developers. It’s necessary for developers to take effective security issues.

4. Swift. It is a brand new programming language by Apple. For beginners, iPhone app developers confirm that using Swift is quiet easier compared to working with difficult Objective-C. Developers are learning the nitty-gritties of Swift so they could implement it easily.

5. HTML5. The framework and other related development tools would become more popular. As the advanced technology would improve, more and more organizations would adopt ‘hybrid’ as their main technology for mobile applications. Unlike native application development, mobile apps also use hybrid frameworks such as Intel, ionic, XDK, Mobile Angular UI, Sencha touch to support numerous platforms and reaching a bigger user bases would become significantly cheaper.

In this view point, developers must keep an eye on hybrid technologies.

6. Rapid Growth of the Popularity of Enterprise Application. Almost 35 percent of huge enterprises this year have their own app development platform. The number is expected to rise in the coming years. For this reason, the third enterprise application developers stand to gain the profit in this scenario. Presently, more than 42 percent of enterprise application developers have approximately a monthly revenue of $10,000 because of the growing popularity of enterprise application. There would be a big opportunity for mobile app developers for the enterprise market in the future.

7. Google App Indexing. When Google begun favorite mobile-optimize websites a few years back, huge brands with responsive designs witnessed a bigger boost in search results. The same SERP updated now are beginning to happen for applications. As a matter of fact, 40 percent of the total Android searches at present turn up app-indexing, a number that grew fast this year. Apple and Bing are also getting in on the application search game.

Mobile application is the future of software development. Today, the maximum number of people using smart phones demand only the best applications. Some mobile app developers already have gained momentum while others continue to make great efforts. However, there is no doubt that with the growing demand for mobile applications, there is plenty of room for developers wherever they may be located in the world. There is no doubt that mobile app developers will make remarkable marks in the mobile app development landscape in the future.

It is high time to create an outstanding mobile experience for users. Mobile app developers of course should be ready for all the changes and innovations that the coming years would bring.


Best Mobile Application Development Companies To Choose In UK

Over a past few years, mobile applications have succeeded in becoming the heart of the online business. Thus, going for the best mobile application company to carry out the app needs is very important. Now building digital products is hard and one wrong decision can lead you to months of delay, badly coded with poorly designed user experience and worst of all- tens and hundreds of dollars wasted. While on the other hand, selecting the right mobile app development company could overcome the difference between a profitable mobile business and wasting money on useless code just to die a painfully slow business death.

Now, deciding who to partner with is no easy decision and can be insanely tricky. The following post offers a plethora of signals to evaluate if the app development company is actually credible or not.


Ability to ship on time

Can your development partner hit deadlines, each and every time? Not shipping on time can probably turn out to be the hardest thing in terms of cost and wasted opportunity. As a business, be it a startup or an established one, it is quite advisable to ensure that the company you spend tens or hundreds of dollars has the potential to make good on their promises.

Client references

Before choosing any app development company, it is always advisable to go through their past work. See which brands they have worked with and the types of problems they have solved in the past. This gives you a good indication of what they can provide you.

Can they provide experienced engineers?

Just like how design and development are done, who designs and develops the app is equally important. As a client, a certain level of craftsmanship is supposed to be expected that can be achieved only with experienced, top-notch talent.

Like I said before, selecting a mobile app development company is not easy and one mistake can lead you back to square one. Although, you will be limited primarily by cost but choosing a cheaper option may seem attractive on the surface. Therefore, evaluate pretty wisely! Further, in the post, we have curated some of the trusted mobile application development companies in UK considering the aforementioned key factors.

#1 Brightec

The company based in Brighton with its offices in London & Amsterdam chooses user-centered approach means to develop smarter and friendlier ways for their clients as well as the end users. Over the last decade, the Brightec has succeeded in building highly successful, award-winning apps for some of the UK’s leading enterprise companies and most innovative start-ups.

Further speaking about their team of mobile app developers, they are skilled and well experienced in working across a number of market sectors and have helped many businesses solve organizational challenges, improve sales and engage their audiences.

#2 Red C

Since its inception in 2007, the company endeavors hard in creating outstanding mobile solutions for its clients across the globe. Red C incorporates various teams of developers such as:

  • Native apps developers – they choose the native build approach which means that the code is written in the same language as the operating system.
  • iOS apps developers – The team of developers can develop apps in Objective-C, a mixture of objective-C & swift or purely in swift.
  • Android apps developers – Java is the primary development language used by their professionals to carefully design apps that looks great on all devices.

#3 Pocket app

Established over a decade, Pocket app has been successfully building fully integrated solutions including mobile applications, mobile internet sites, augmented reality, mobile coupons, etc. Their service range includes:

  • Enterprise mobility with leading security and management controls
  • App development services includes utilization of Bluetooth, QR codes, SMS, MMS, GPRS and newer technologies like NFC
  • Mobile Consultancy- they company truly understands how the target audience engages with the developed app.
  • Responsive Design- Tablets and smartphone sales are exploding and Pocket app incorporates an extensive range of designers/developers in order to keep their customers ahead of the trend.

#4 TatvaSoft UK Ltd.

The software development company strives hard to become the most preeminent information technology consulting service provider across UK. Established in 2001, the CMMI Level 3 company has succeeded in providing a competitive edge to many organizations. With its offices in London, Tatvasoft excels in providing custom application development services to multiple industry domains and diverse technology platforms such as .Net, Java, BizTalk, Sharepoint, Big Data and so more.

The team of mobile app developers tends to collaborate with enterprises to design, develop and offer complete IT solutions for their valuable clienteles.

#5 Just Total Tech

Founded in 2008, the company specializes in providing a full-fledged, cross-divisional operation that supports a growing client base throughout UK. Their extensive range of services include:

  • Bespoke software development
  • Web application development
  • Mobile app development
  • Website design and development
  • eCommerce
  • Open source development for platforms including CRM, ERP, Magento, Opencart, WordPress, and Joomla

The team of professionals makes a point to meet every requirement of the client and end up turning their vision into reality successfully.

So this is it for now! We hope that the post will help you to narrow down your search as well as save some valuable time.

Mobile application development is a community with room for everybody

Mobile app development continues to evolve over the years. At the start, mobile application construction usually started with end users sketching data flow diagrams, interface and designs, showing a picture to a highly skilled and trained developer. After a long process of planning, coding, testing, production and prototyping, the application becomes ready in months and even a year.


Mobile app development services abound, and has evolved through the years as the need changes. Today’s zero-code development, wherein applications are created from menus of already-built features and then deployed via the Google Play, App Store or cloud only takes hours or days. Some people consider the transition to zero-code as a leap from IT emphasis to field application development. It is all about moving forward, without retreat. Can zero-code completely replace low and open code? The answer is easy, no. This is because mobile app development is not just driven by end users. It is also driven by technical evolution of the exploited capabilities by developers, new operating systems, better sensors, new devices, accelerometers, more accurate data location, gyroscopes as well as other tools to make collection of data more accurate and easier and products much plentiful for decision makers.

Mobile application development also should be guided by the best practices of an organization, including proprietary processes, security protocols, sensitive workflow as well as data relationships. This has become a bigger point of emphasis as building mobile applications has become easier with zero code. Professional developers have to adapt all the capabilities to an organization’s requirements at each step, integrating new technology to upgraded and existing ones. Technical evolution means a process of development without end and which is on constant pressure from a field force that is growing in capability and savvy. Furthermore, it means constant vigilance by the Information Technology departments.

It is predicted that the market demand for mobile applications will grow five times faster compared to the ability of IT to meet the demand. Backlogs that once were three months long are already stretching to a year and even more. In January of this year, a mobile app developer topped the list of best jobs for 2017 in CNN. Part of the reason for the listing was quickly advancing pay for skills that are difficult to find. Zero-code platforms, like TerraGo Magic stepped in to help low-code professional developers handle the IT backlog ostensibly from two varying directions with a more software-savvy field force as well as an application development force to make tools that require the work wherein the professional is trained and educated.

In performing their tasks, mobile app developers have to acknowledge as well as comprehend zero-code capability and work it to the process of the development or adding on new tech as well as business needs to mobile applications. Developers of zero-code platform must understand the jobs of professionals by adding a plug-in capability to their systems for accommodating the capabilities and mission of professional developers. Zero-code organizations marketed their products through claiming that IT departments do not have to reinvent the wheel each time they believe that a new mobile application feature is required. The advocates of the zero-code are correct, but marrying its efforts and low-code or hand coding acknowledges that at times, those wheels require new tires.

The growth of the zero-code platforms factor is that entry to mobile app development could be fast and a top-down trip for third parties who take advantage of published applications. The entry into mobility capability in data collection to this point has been bottom-up, starting from the ‘picture’ of the end user and following the path of traditional development or its most fast, low-code processes. The power lies in the community of both. Tools for low-code could make developers thirty percent more productive, but does not solve the enterprise challenge of requiring 500 percent more development resources. Zero-code means that developers create self-describing components, which end users could use for building applications. This is Holy Grail and is not a developer productivity tool. It is an enterprise productivity strategy and only made possible by building zero-code community for end users and developers alike.

Each and every new technology development brings new career opportunities and the mobile apps field is no exception. If anything, it’s one that grows at an exponential rate every single day, literally with thousands of new mobile applications being made in such a period of time. Two other factors work in favor of one who wants to make a career out of designing mobile applications. That is why mobile app development is considered as a community with a room for each and every one.

Mobile phones have become a hugely popular way to surf the web and the mobile app development business is expanding. All the figures speak for themselves. Mobile application developers could work in all kinds of companies, whatever the services and products they offer. These organizations are busy looking for workers who could develop mobile applications for them, much as they were busy looking to establish their presence on the web, particularly on social networking websites.

Points to take into account when looking for a mobile apps development company

Nowadays, finding a mobile app developer is not tough. It’s finding the right one that could be tricky however. There is a huge range of mobile application development services currently that it could be overwhelming to choose the one that suits the business requirements and needs. There will always be a time when a business has reached the point wherein a mobile solution could take it to the next level, and looking towards the possibilities that a thoroughly functional mobile application could afford the business. The business could either be a start-up, small or huge enterprise, but the target is the same, which is a product that functions to develop the business.

mobile apps development


Proper mobile apps development is complicated and it needs a full-fledged team of experts. In this day and age, often, it is a better choice to look for an established company to do the development, instead of going through the effort of looking for the right persons for an in-house team, particularly when looking for the first application. A company, in contrast to various freelancers, has already established processes for efficient team work and could provide a wider range of services as well as support.

With thousands of mobile app developers today, some of the best choices still are mobile apps development companies in India. India remains the outsourcing hub in the world and has hundreds of thousands of professionals who are experts in their field. Furthermore, to make the most of the process of engaging a service company, the following are some things to consider to make the right decision.

1. Find a developer interested in the business and not just the development. A good mobile development service provider must be able not just to guide through the development process, but provide a creative input that’s based on their experience with similar applications as well. The good developers know what works and what does not work on the application store since they have worked with a lot of clients.

2. Check out client references. Find developers who would readily extend their client contact information. This enables one to get real feedback on the firm.

3. Portfolio assessment. A good developer should also have excellent UI/UX skills. When checking out their portfolio, be on the lookout for beautiful applications that have excellent user interfaces. Keep in mind that sixty percent of the app is about how a user interacts with it.

4. Do not allow the price to drive you. Never, ever choose a development partner based on the price quote. A business requires a great product and not the cheapest product. Every entrepreneur or startup has a budget. Often however, the lowest cost choice could turn out to be more costly later on, if for instance, it is necessary to redo the application with another developer since it did not turn out as what is expected.

5. Choose a service provider you can create a relationship with. Mobile application development is not a one-time project. Applications must go through a lot of evolutions and cycles based on constant feedback from the user. Choose a developer who would stick with the company through the product’s lifecycle and not abandon ship as soon as the initial development is accomplished and the application is hosted.

6. Make design a top priority. How an application or website looks is as important as how it works. Move a step further and find partners who could add value to the usability aspect of the mobile app or site that would define how users interact with the product.

7. Think the entire package and not just the coding. Building an application does not only mean coding, it also means creating a design that’s functional and considering the user experience. Avoid an independent developer, unless one already has access to a team who would perform the rest of the functionalities, including usability, design and testing.

8. Know the requirements of the application. This may be obvious, but you would be surprised how a lot of people come to an application company with only a faint idea of what they want. Before going to an application company with a proposal, make sure to have a clear idea of the goals of the application, the necessary features and functions, how the app fits into the business model and how it would interact with other software.

The best mobile apps development company is one that ensures that clients are aware of the progress every step of the way because it communicates the project burn down with them. This way, clients would know exactly where the project is at the moment. This also helps determine if the project takes longer than expected initially and they know weeks and even months ahead instead of two days before deadline.

Meet IOS 10.3.1 – See What’s Included In The Update

Are you an iPhone user? If so, there is something that you need to know. IOS has been out and appears to be a significant success but on this 3rd April 2017 Apple released IOS 10.3.1, and that’s just one week after the release of IOS 10.3. The update comes as a pleasant surprise and is thoroughly dedicated to bug fixes and security patches. Apart from this, there are a lot of things that add ups to make 10.3.1 a much better experience.

The jump from 10.3 to 10.3.2 was a bit odd and that’s the reason why Apple did a rapid fire of IOS 10.3.1 for IOS 10 users. Although it is a minor update, still it could create a dramatic effect on one’s device performance.


What is IOS 10.3.1 all about?

IOS 10.3.1 is compatible with all IOS 10 devices such as iphone5 or later, iPad 4 or later and the 6th generation iPod touch and later. Like I said before, the update was developed to fix some of the problems with iPhone 5 and 5c caused by IOS 10.3. In addition to this, you iPhone and iPad will be faster and you will also find some small UI changes and features.

An Unbiased Review

In case, if you are updating from iPhone 7, you can expect a 30 MB download while the update seems to be tiny if you are coming directly from IOS 10 and i.e. just in a matter of seconds. After updating the phone, no major issues were noticed with battery life, connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular), core applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Chrome, etc. The UI speed seen after updating iPhone 5 to IOS 10 has increased with the updated version 10.3.1 which means you will see faster animations and transitions.

Other than this, several iPhone app development companies have revealed that a new brand application named Clip is about to release which allows the user to create fun videos with the content you have shot on your IOS device. Further speaking about the app, it comes with effects like animated speech bubbles, arrows, and banners and a feature called Live Tiles which lets you create animated titles and captions using your voice.

Lastly, as soon as you are done one can easily share the content with friends over iMessage, Facebook or any other social network site.

Have you ever thought about renting movies via iTunes? Well, in case if you have skipped installing IOS 10.3, IOS 103.1 offers you a golden opportunity to download the latest version of iTunes through which you will be able to rent a movie and watch it across several of your devices.

Do you own a pair of Air Pods? Well the IOS 10.3.1 could be a godsend. The update allows the user to find his or her air pods located inside find my iPhone application. In fact, most of the iPhone app development companies are benefitted with the feature that allows you to track the precise location of your Air Pods. Moreover, It also lets you create a sound to help you find your lost headset. The update could act as a lifesaver if you misplace them at a restaurant, a friends house, on a bus or inside of a taxi.

IOS 9 and IOS 10 users have been dealing with bug or performance issue but installing IOS 10.3.1 could have a positive effect on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s performance. This update fixes the bug which could keep Maps from showing your present area after resetting Location & Privacy, voiceover stability improvements are also available for Phone, Safari, and Mail. And It also fixes a serious 911 robocall problem.

After IOS 10.3.1, Apple IOS 10.3.2 update is currently in beta for several iPhone developers and the general public. Although there is no confirmed release date as Apple never confirms dates ahead of time.

For more information and updates, keep watching the space!

5 elements of the great mobile app

A mobile app is a must when it comes to the digital age. Without that, there is no life. The boom for the smartphone has opened up the new ventures in revenue streams for enterprises and has developed the healthy business for the designers and developers. However, there are a number of technical, aesthetic and business challenges. Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Ola, Uber and more have passed through all this. Everything works seamlessly across a variety of handsets and operating systems, and have gained consumer trust and acceptance. So what goes into developing a successful app?

If you have a mobile app for your business, it means that you are focused on improving the convenience for the customers. If your app takes much time to load, hangs at every minute, or just exist for the sake of business, then your business is better off without it. An unsatisfied customer is harmful to your business than a lack of a mobile app.

Keep it lean and mean

Do you think, your app will survive the frequent spring cleaning mobile users to keep up the operating speed of their handset? If you find your app is useful and takes much of space, it is most likely headed for the trash bin.

Let insight inspire

If you are inspired to develop a mobile app that you always loved in the app marketplace, you must check out the several things for that. Before diving into developing the app, you must make efforts to know the core fundamentals. You can catch up with the friends, family, team, and clients. Gain as much insight as you can on what they make a great app.

Dig deeper into the science of design

You must check out the science book for its symbols, colors, and fonts. Generally, those books have high propaganda and hence the fonts, colors and symbols are used in the right way. Research on UI and UX must be done in a perfect way. Guides are always available Android and iPhone through app development. These guides help you to create the amazing apps that are screen size independent.

Solve a problem

Apps are developed to overcome the problem and provide the particular solution. A mobile app is an extension of your business. It represents your business in a quite organic way. It’s improper for the person who is in the business to sell T-shirts brand to have a mobile app just to sell tees. But if the owner becomes creative and develops the brand’s mobile app that has features to measure the size, how it looks on a particular person by analyzing a photograph than it becomes handy, as people are not quite sure about their size.

In a nutshell, for developing the mobile app to make business sense, it has to make sense to the customer. It must be flexible and easy to use which can appeal the customers. If it hit everything in an interesting and innovative way, the app is sure to get the highest hits.

Healthcare mobile apps make the patient’s life easier

Healthcare mobile app is one of the most amazing thing in the emerging trends in healthcare industry. This article will guide you on how the apps would help the patients, doctors, hospitals and other professionals in the healthcare industry.


Today, many industries are up with the boons of mobile app development platform. And one of them is the health care industry which has put the services just a few clicks away. For booking the appointment with a doctor, we need to call her and ask for the same. But today, with the more filtered process and simplified version an app can do all the task effortlessly.

It’s the great transformation. Mobile technologies guides hospitals and doctors for making the medical services and consultancies available to the patients in a real time anywhere. It is proved that health care apps are boon in many type of situations. For instance, person holidaying in the hills and suddenly gets an attack of anxiety. As the person is in the hilly area, he won’t be able to get any health advice quickly. The clinic may be 100 miles far and mobile can become sole guidance to get the person out from this situation. An app can make expert person in front of the screen to cure him in an emergency.

Apps is not only boon for the patients. Today, doctors and business in medical, pharmacies, fitness and more are learning on how to be available in any emergency situation without the concerns of time and place. Healthcare is changing globally because of mobile technology and expecting to expand more by 2017.

It is trying to keep pace in modern technologies. Data can be transferred in minutes in real time helping them to respond to queries of patients almost immediately.

Pros and Cons of Mobile App Testing

Computer and Laptops have revolutionized the world by considering itself as the most preferred gadgets in the digital era. It has paved the way to the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and other smart hardware. A mobile ecosystem has changed the way of how business operates today. Now development team must create a way to meet the user standards and requirements but implementing those described ideas is much difficult.


Mobile devices face many issues, unlike any other similar hardware device. There are a number of models from the manufacturers having amazing features, capabilities, and operating systems. But mobile app testing is quite important as it has many pros and cons that every Quality analyst must know.

There are various testing types that team can leverage with each pros and cons.

  1. Performance Testing

Application Performance Testing has the strength to take the pressure and traffic that are imposed on them on a regular basis. For instance, if there are a lot many users at once, it would slow down the performance of the app. The boon of this type of testing is that it has the number of evaluations to ensure that the system has the optimal behavior under the heavy workloads and that app can respond quickly to any traffic spikes. Hence, it becomes very necessary to check the performance testing.

However, it also has a weakness because it requires tools and high effort support. In one of the IBM’s blog, it was reveal that, it is easy to identify the hardware bottlenecks, but firms do need multiple solutions to cover the data performance. Organizations are never dependent only on a test to identify the app performance. It takes quite a high amount of time and efforts, but it is worth to ensure that program performs well across all the mobile apps.

  1. Functional Testing

With this testing type, quality assurance team evaluates how well the system is delivering the functional requirements. QA runs this test by passing the input and comparing with the actual outputs. This is one of the amazing things in guiding teams to determine if they are measuring up the users’ demand and how to improve the features. Software Functional Testing have noted that there are great benefits like simulating the software maintenance and rectifying system’s structure assumptions. This is highly important in reaching the range of devices and providing the amazing platform for the great user experience.

Functional Testing also has a negative impact, that team should be aware of. Firstly, functional testing is very time-consuming and intensive when done manually, as there are high chances of redundant testing activities. Organization should try out automation integration testing to avoid this issues. But these efforts can also introduce additional challenges. There are also chances to miss out a lot of logical errors. This means you have to go through it again and again which is quite tedious. If you involve testers from the initial stage of development, you will be able to develop the better test cases that stick to the user requirements.

  1. Security Testing

Today cyber threats have become one of the most common things for targeting the mobile device and this can lead to major breaches of sensitive data. Hence, due to this reason, security testing is highly essential to ensure that security and app’s data work according to stated guidelines. The best thing about this is method will help to keep the information safer and can mitigate the risk at an early stage.

The worst thing about the security testing is that it was not a perfect science.

Cyber attackers try to breach the system as soon as the security surveillance are introduced. Mobile devices are integrated with many variables as there are a lot of areas to cover. Teams must look upon the new testing tools and the best way to pump security is to determine threats.

Microsoft’s surface All-in-one PC said to be out in fall

According to the ZDNet, Microsoft introduced the Surface all-in-one device in the October 2016 during the special fall hardware launch.

It was reported that the device is code named with “Cardinal” and it is predicted that, this product can turn your desk into studio. It would be available in the various screen sizes, offering the perceptive pixel screen tech utilized by Surface hub.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet revealed on the specifications, but reporters have reached out and found out the upcoming of surface cardinal and its launching date. ZDNet’s report notes that existing Surface models may well feature faster processors and other minor updates as well, but larger product reveals probably won’t make an appearance until spring 2017.

If Microsoft is planning to launch in a hardware event during this fall, it would clash with the upgardation about the gaming side of its regime. But currently no such details are shown as of now. We might have to wait for a longer time to see things that are going to appear in front of us as far as this supposed Cardinal product is concerned.

Man sues Apple for stealing iPhone Sketches from 24 years ago

A Florida man named “Thomas Ross” claimed Apple for stealing the patent design ideas which he made in 1992 for an “Electronic Reading Device” ERD.

Recently, the business man from Miramar appealed a lawsuit of $10billion to the Apple. Isn’t that hilarious, he wants to sue the most valuable company with the equivalent amount of 10.5 million iPhone 6s plus phone with 128GB of storage.


Ross also added that, he was the one to come up with the ideas of iPhone, iPad and iPod which started with the different vowel ERD or “Electronic Reading Device “in 1992.

According to the reports, Thomas Ross added that, he worked for the designs for four years in the November of that year. Instead of coming up with the new ideas, the most valuable and giant company Apple copyrighted his designs for research and development.

And to the surprise, Ross is not alone to launch the lawsuit against Apple. Before many years, a lady from the Detroit also accused $2billion lawsuit against Apple for claiming that the Apple stole her patented ideas of the wrist watch, when they created Apple Watch.

To put some historical things in front of the eye, he applied his patent design in 1992, which was 9 years before iPod was launched, 15 years before the first iPhone and 18 years before the iPad was born.

Ross presented his several diagrams and outlined his vision in the suit, but US patent and Trade Office didn’t pass out this file, as he never paid the necessary fee. This is like getting marry and not signing the marriage license.

For this case Ross is using the copy right laws. And apart from $10 billion, he was also demanding for forfeiting the patents derived from his design. However, these lawsuits are not new for the Apple, as they recently hit a class-action law suit over a Wi-Fi detect and had to pay $53million in 2013.