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MAPS Applications for iOS

Maps apps for iOS also come with third party applications. It is getting better each year and what more is exciting is the offline maps that provide information to one’s destination even offline.

Recently, the navigation market has drastically changed. It wasn’t long ago that a lot of drivers relied on stand-alone GPS hardware to navigate around the city or cross country. Nowadays, many turn to their smart phones and mapping applications for navigation requirements.


On an iPhone or iPad, users could go with Apple Maps that comes with iOS or choose third party applications like Waze. Apple Maps is getting better every year, but still not viewed widely as equal to a lot of popular third-party applications.



Now, there is the Offline Maps for iPhone and Android. One could not think if an iPhone without a data plan of any kind since most people use iMessage, connect to social websites, check emails and do more via the network. Thus, when going abroad on travel minus a good roaming data plan, one needs to keep it down to save money.


Offline Maps come as an entirely useful service. Having offline maps is similar to being online with Maps, although there are some limitations. Most offline Maps are created in a way that one could cache or download a city, place of interest or a part of the map to the device. This makes it available even when one is not connected to a network. Of course, to download data would require being online.


1. MAPS.Me. Go where you want with this application. It is perfect and simple when it comes to guiding to reach one’s destination with no hassles and without internet connection. It is fully loaded with maps from all over the world that are free to download on the iDevices. Maps.me is useful when traveling to an unknown place and have no idea on hotel, restaurant, parking place or even a WiFi spot. It is also now available for Apple Watch as well.

2. City Maps 2 Go. It is yet another application that provides map directions offline. All it takes is to turn on the GP and see the location. The GPS automatically detects one’s location and reach the destination with the directions provided by the offline maps. Aside from that, one could also get detailed reviews and inspiring stories of all the places one visits so users could know the place better and in a better way. It allows searching for a place, saving directions, book a hotel. All this could be done within the application.

3. Pocket Earth. Make traveling stress free with the application. Up to some extent, the word seems to be true with the type of features provided by the application. It works on GPS system to provide offline maps and directions right at the fingertips. It has more 1 lakh places in the database, making sure that each and every corner of the world is covered. It also supports different file types and enables sharing it with friends to they would not get lost. Also, Pocket Earth has several special directions and maps for adventurers, particularly for cycling and hiking.

4. Sygic. It isn’t just a map guide, but could also get plenty of information from on iOS devices. The application offers voice navigation besides simply reaching one’s destination. It warns when one is about to reach the speed limit or is about to pass through speed cameras. The junction view provides a clear idea of taking contingency on highways. All the main maps of continents are included, to provide users the best experience. Now, the app supports Apple Watch as well.

5. Galileo Offline Maps. It is totally free and does almost everything the others do, but with one vital difference. It works based on cache, meaning that there is no concept of downloading maps. One only has to take a look at the map for offline use and it will be cached at all the zoom levels that one sees it on.

6. World Maps Offline. This is truly a neat, simple and clearly focused offline maps applications. The great thing about this is that unlike a lot of other applications, there is no in-app purchase. One only has to buy this one, choose patches to download and it will all be saved to the iPhone.

Maps apps for iOS offers all-new design and a host of innovative features. The apps make finding and getting to one’s destination easier and faster than ever. With turn-to-turn directions, proactive suggestions, 3D views and the ability to use third-party applications, there is so much to explore.

Getting directions to where one is headed is a lot easier and simpler with Maps applications for iOS.


Android Apps Development is a very profitable venture at present

Android apps development is a very profitable venture as long as a developer know what to develop and how to go about with it. The key is to develop both free and paid apps and monetize from them accordingly.

With the amazing number of people joining the trend of developing mobile applications, a lot of people are wondering if doing the same thing would be worth it. Some applications are for free download, so how does it make money and gain profit? Questions like this are of course legitimate since developing mobile apps is not cheap. Before venturing on any mobile development project, expectations on monetization and profitability has to be very clear.


In terms of profitable platforms, the profit is based on the kind of app developed. At present, Android apps development is a very profitable venture as long as one knows what to develop and how to go about with monetizing it. The key is to develop paid applications and definitely one could get money from everyone who bought it. However, one may also opt to develop free apps and put Google Adsense ads and money could be acquired from the Ads. A developer may also want to work as a freelancer in freelancing websites or work in a company or even start up as an Android developer.

Here are more tips/suggestions on becoming very profitable with Android apps development.

1. Create a quality product. The attributes of a great app are in flux constantly, thus do not just turn to what is at the top of the charts at present and copy them. Take pride in one’s genuine application.

2. Acquire a freemium strategy. Most developers seem to have taken this advice to heart, for the free application part of the equation. The Google Android Market has the biggest share of free applications available at sixty percent against twenty-nine percent for the iPhone.

3. Turn free users to paid and generate revenue. To achieve this, the key is to optimize the user experience. However, this could not be done without proper analytics. A developer has to know how a user is engaging with the apps, both free and paid and there the user is dropping off. To acquire this information level, one needs a user-centric funnel which spans from the free application to the paid one. As soon as the developer has this information, he or she could place a link in the free app to the paid app appropriately. One could then track the performance of the link and adjust placement accordingly.

4. Get downloads and increase the user base. Make sure to do research, time the sales well and know when to go for a price cut, but more importantly, when not to. It is a good idea to investigate the reason for a surge of interest in the app, react to trends and publicize the application across social media channels.

The market of Android as it is, could still be lucrative for developers having the right mindset. Furthermore, with the market’s upward trajectory, it is building up to even be more so. Based on the thousands of Android developers, there is always a way to boost revenue. Creating a successful app for Android is a goal that is worth pursuing.

Mobile App Development in the Future

The mobile application industry is a very exciting place to keep an eye on. It has grown tremendously and the future looks bright, not only for mobile app users but for mobile application developers as well.

The mobile app field is an exciting area to keep an eye on. It has tremendously grown over the last decade and likely to continue doing so. So, what does the mobile app development future hold?



A lot of organizations look forward to introduce solutions that could cater to the consumer needs. Companies are launching different mobile applications faster. Such mobile app solutions originated with the bright idea of delivering maximum value to the clientele at each step while developing smart phone apps using the major components such as fast launches and quick market reach.


The last couple of years have been paramount when it comes to innovations in the mobile world. The development sector particularly, is headed towards a wonderful transformation because of the different trends. Take a look at such trends that would keep mobile app developers happy this year and beyond.

1. Relevance of Cloud-Based Development. Mobile app developers predict that cloud-based smart phone apps would rule the market this year and they have. Growing cloud-based technology plays a vital role in the phone app development industry. The ultimate trends make application developers more focused on integrating and synchronizing apps that are developed for multiple devices. The cloud approach help developers in such a way that they could build outstanding applications that could be used easily on various mobile platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows and others. There is already a great number of organizations working on cloud-based app development platforms.

2. Better User Experience. From the little Apple watch display to the increasing, advanced screen size of the current Android handsets and iPhones, all provide a better user experience. An application has to retain its efficiency and functionality across all devices. Furthermore, app developers proficient in this would have more chances to succeed.

3. High Security in Applications. There’s been a lot of reports that point to the concern of users when it comes to hacking. As per prediction, 75 percent of mobile apps would not pass even basic security tests. These days, security is paramount. Hackers would continue the trend of exploiting known gaps of security in mobile apps to obtain sensitive, relevant and confidential information. Security would still remain a huge challenge for developers. It’s necessary for developers to take effective security issues.

4. Swift. It is a brand new programming language by Apple. For beginners, iPhone app developers confirm that using Swift is quiet easier compared to working with difficult Objective-C. Developers are learning the nitty-gritties of Swift so they could implement it easily.

5. HTML5. The framework and other related development tools would become more popular. As the advanced technology would improve, more and more organizations would adopt ‘hybrid’ as their main technology for mobile applications. Unlike native application development, mobile apps also use hybrid frameworks such as Intel, ionic, XDK, Mobile Angular UI, Sencha touch to support numerous platforms and reaching a bigger user bases would become significantly cheaper.

In this view point, developers must keep an eye on hybrid technologies.

6. Rapid Growth of the Popularity of Enterprise Application. Almost 35 percent of huge enterprises this year have their own app development platform. The number is expected to rise in the coming years. For this reason, the third enterprise application developers stand to gain the profit in this scenario. Presently, more than 42 percent of enterprise application developers have approximately a monthly revenue of $10,000 because of the growing popularity of enterprise application. There would be a big opportunity for mobile app developers for the enterprise market in the future.

7. Google App Indexing. When Google begun favorite mobile-optimize websites a few years back, huge brands with responsive designs witnessed a bigger boost in search results. The same SERP updated now are beginning to happen for applications. As a matter of fact, 40 percent of the total Android searches at present turn up app-indexing, a number that grew fast this year. Apple and Bing are also getting in on the application search game.

Mobile application is the future of software development. Today, the maximum number of people using smart phones demand only the best applications. Some mobile app developers already have gained momentum while others continue to make great efforts. However, there is no doubt that with the growing demand for mobile applications, there is plenty of room for developers wherever they may be located in the world. There is no doubt that mobile app developers will make remarkable marks in the mobile app development landscape in the future.

It is high time to create an outstanding mobile experience for users. Mobile app developers of course should be ready for all the changes and innovations that the coming years would bring.

Top Trends To Follow In Mobile Apps Development

In 2015, mobile users surpassed PC users worldwide whereas the year 2017 offers a massive growth for the mobile market. Technologies continue to evolve in order to make mobile app development cheaper and easier across the board. Besides, global revenues from mobile applications are expected to grow by a jaw-dropping 962.5% between 2011 and 2017, i.e. ($8 billion to $77 billion).


Besides, with high apps usage levels, the mobile apps industry is expected to cross $100 billion by the end of 2020.

Location Based Apps

As the name suggest, these apps will look at location, time, temperature or activity level to give the user a customized experience. For example, Snapchat has created a custom feel to locations with location filters, giving companies a golden opportunity to advertise based on specific location.

Its key advantages:

  • Offers customers deals based on location and vicinity to the business
  • Real-time promotions based on their proximity to the business

Augmented Reality Apps

The unprecedented success of Pokemon Go was due to augmented reality that offered a highly engaging experience to the general population. Although, such apps aren’t just used for playful purposes but apps like Word Lens can also be used for educational purposes.

Its key advantages:

  • Reach millennial audiences in a highly engaging way
  • Successful apps such as Pokemon Go, Snapchat filters gives the user a sense of hyper-reality

Android Instant Apps

These apps give the user ability to use apps without downloading them. Besides, instant apps are built lighter, so they take up less space on the user’s device.

Its key advantages:

  • New Google play technology lets you use apps without downloading them
  • Save adequate room on your phone while still engaging with a branded experience

Artificial Intelligence Apps

Last year, Facebook released a playful video showing new artificial intelligence technology being developed called Jarvis. Although, it was just a teaser and did not represent the real app. The year 2017 will make artificial intelligence seep into every aspect of our lives.

Its key advantages:

  • Apps that can learn your preferences
  • Make recommendations for you based on your behavior
  • E-Commerce apps can now predict what items customer want on the basis of their previous purchasing behavior.

IoT Apps

Internet of Things commonly known as IoT may sound complicated but essentially it connects everyday objects like your phone, to control a greater aspect of your day to day lives.

Moreover, combining artificial intelligence with IoT allows a mobile app developer to predict as well as personalize the digital experience.

Its key advantages:

  • Household items being controlled remotely from your mobile device
  • Offers new ways to automate our daily lives

Increased Cyber Security

Tons of personal information such as bank account information, credit card numbers, etc stored on the cloud turns out to be easily accessible worldwide. Now any reliable mobile app development companywould be security minded.

As we move further in 2017, securing personal information will become more secured by default.

Its key advantages:

  • Our personal information will remain secured as app developers have started taking some extra precautions.
  • Faster detection and remedies of threats
  • Operations are more simplified
  • An increase in end to end encryption will be seen

Interactive Marketing Apps

It is revealed that app revenue will soar to $77 billion by the end of 2017 with approx. 268 million mobile app downloads. In fact, several companies have started using mobile apps to connect with their customers for quality engagement.

Its key advantages:

  • Increases sales conversions
  • Lower overhead expenses
  • Audience engagement
  • Social network sharing

Person-To-Person Economy Apps

With the success of mobile apps like digital wallet which lets you make and share payments among friends, the person-to-person is being facilitated really well through technology.

Its key advantages:

  • Venmo and the Facebook Marketplace
  • Connects faster and find relevant things that improve your life


It’s time to stay ahead of the curve by growing the business revenue and surpassing all your business goals. With such a bunch of mobile apps, one can:

  • Increase sales
  • Drive engagement
  • Build brand loyalty

Another update from Google: Read webpages offline with chrome on Android

Previous year, Google introduced the new concept of downloading any web page so that it can be viewed completely even if the user is offline. This year the company introduces apps like Pocket and Instapaper to help the user read web pages offline without even downloading them. A downloading feature introduced way back in December is now being improved and improvised by the software development company to make it easier for the end user. All they require to do is, update the latest version of chrome.


How does the read offline feature work?

First, long press on any link and select the “DOWNLOAD LINK”. The feature is also available when you long press an article suggestion on the new tab page. Further, the company adds that the next time when the user runs into chrome’s offline dinosaur, they will see “download page later” button. The moment the user taps this, chrome will automatically download the page for them when they get back online.

The team of top-notch web developers are making it easier for the user to get back to the content downloaded. Which means when he/she opens a new tab, he will see articles that have been downloaded tagged with a new offline badge. In addition to this, chrome will show a list of recent downloads on the page for easy access. Hence, there will always be a ready-to-go list of pages or articles to read even if you are out of data for the month or lose the network in a dead zone.

Interesting Mobile Development Trends To Follow In 2017

In terms of the smartphone industry, Google android stands heads and shoulders above its rivals. According to studies, 88% of all smartphone devices are active on Android. The post further reveals numerous other interesting Android development trends for the year 2017.

#1 Arrival of Android on desktop

Since last October, Google’s ambitious projects has been in limelight. The year 2017 brings the mobile platform to become available on the laptops, desktops and convertible computer systems. Most of the android app developers consider this a seamless merger of Android with chrome OS. In addition to this, a cue from Microsoft is also expected to be taken to enhance mobile and desktop functionalities.

#2 Improvements in Artificial intelligence

Over the last few quarters, the quality of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on Android devices have been seen increasing as well as improving. And this is the reason why the productivity and capabilities of in-app chat bots and digital assistants should continue to grow up in 2017. Besides, the user-friendliness of Google play is also set to get a boost with the help of a neural network – making the task of searching for mobile apps that much easier.

#3 Developing android apps with swift

In December 2015, swift went open source programming language available to several android developers across the globe. It may quite interest you to know that the swift university recently announced its first Android oriented learning course with Swift in a proper android integrated development environment. This trend has resulted in making android apps more popular than before.

#4 Growth of Android Instant Apps

In comparison to the iOS apps, the instant app technology makes everything seamlessly executed for smartphone users. Presently, devices upgraded to the latest android version (Nougat) support instant apps. However, this is likely to be extended to all handsets running on android 4.1 and above this year. With instant apps, it becomes easy for the end users to check out the main features of the app on devices without downloading the entire thing. While developers, on the other hand, can benefit from with greater modularity as they require the same APIs and source codes, no separate versions are created.

#5 Android smartwatches

Finally, android wear 2.0 was rolled out in February and I am sure that before the end of the year, the mobile app development company will offer several new android smartwatches. Huawei Watch 2/Watch 2 Classic, Guess Connect and Misfit Vapor are some of the new Android smartwatches that should be launched in the next 2-3 quarters.

All the eyes are kept on Google’s Android for upcoming trends and technology. There will be a significant increase in the availability of apps in Google play store. Although IOS might be considered with greater revenue potential but android is supposed to be ruling the current digital market.

Best Mobile Application Development Companies To Choose In UK

Over a past few years, mobile applications have succeeded in becoming the heart of the online business. Thus, going for the best mobile application company to carry out the app needs is very important. Now building digital products is hard and one wrong decision can lead you to months of delay, badly coded with poorly designed user experience and worst of all- tens and hundreds of dollars wasted. While on the other hand, selecting the right mobile app development company could overcome the difference between a profitable mobile business and wasting money on useless code just to die a painfully slow business death.

Now, deciding who to partner with is no easy decision and can be insanely tricky. The following post offers a plethora of signals to evaluate if the app development company is actually credible or not.


Ability to ship on time

Can your development partner hit deadlines, each and every time? Not shipping on time can probably turn out to be the hardest thing in terms of cost and wasted opportunity. As a business, be it a startup or an established one, it is quite advisable to ensure that the company you spend tens or hundreds of dollars has the potential to make good on their promises.

Client references

Before choosing any app development company, it is always advisable to go through their past work. See which brands they have worked with and the types of problems they have solved in the past. This gives you a good indication of what they can provide you.

Can they provide experienced engineers?

Just like how design and development are done, who designs and develops the app is equally important. As a client, a certain level of craftsmanship is supposed to be expected that can be achieved only with experienced, top-notch talent.

Like I said before, selecting a mobile app development company is not easy and one mistake can lead you back to square one. Although, you will be limited primarily by cost but choosing a cheaper option may seem attractive on the surface. Therefore, evaluate pretty wisely! Further, in the post, we have curated some of the trusted mobile application development companies in UK considering the aforementioned key factors.

#1 Brightec

The company based in Brighton with its offices in London & Amsterdam chooses user-centered approach means to develop smarter and friendlier ways for their clients as well as the end users. Over the last decade, the Brightec has succeeded in building highly successful, award-winning apps for some of the UK’s leading enterprise companies and most innovative start-ups.

Further speaking about their team of mobile app developers, they are skilled and well experienced in working across a number of market sectors and have helped many businesses solve organizational challenges, improve sales and engage their audiences.

#2 Red C

Since its inception in 2007, the company endeavors hard in creating outstanding mobile solutions for its clients across the globe. Red C incorporates various teams of developers such as:

  • Native apps developers – they choose the native build approach which means that the code is written in the same language as the operating system.
  • iOS apps developers – The team of developers can develop apps in Objective-C, a mixture of objective-C & swift or purely in swift.
  • Android apps developers – Java is the primary development language used by their professionals to carefully design apps that looks great on all devices.

#3 Pocket app

Established over a decade, Pocket app has been successfully building fully integrated solutions including mobile applications, mobile internet sites, augmented reality, mobile coupons, etc. Their service range includes:

  • Enterprise mobility with leading security and management controls
  • App development services includes utilization of Bluetooth, QR codes, SMS, MMS, GPRS and newer technologies like NFC
  • Mobile Consultancy- they company truly understands how the target audience engages with the developed app.
  • Responsive Design- Tablets and smartphone sales are exploding and Pocket app incorporates an extensive range of designers/developers in order to keep their customers ahead of the trend.

#4 TatvaSoft UK Ltd.

The software development company strives hard to become the most preeminent information technology consulting service provider across UK. Established in 2001, the CMMI Level 3 company has succeeded in providing a competitive edge to many organizations. With its offices in London, Tatvasoft excels in providing custom application development services to multiple industry domains and diverse technology platforms such as .Net, Java, BizTalk, Sharepoint, Big Data and so more.

The team of mobile app developers tends to collaborate with enterprises to design, develop and offer complete IT solutions for their valuable clienteles.

#5 Just Total Tech

Founded in 2008, the company specializes in providing a full-fledged, cross-divisional operation that supports a growing client base throughout UK. Their extensive range of services include:

  • Bespoke software development
  • Web application development
  • Mobile app development
  • Website design and development
  • eCommerce
  • Open source development for platforms including CRM, ERP, Magento, Opencart, WordPress, and Joomla

The team of professionals makes a point to meet every requirement of the client and end up turning their vision into reality successfully.

So this is it for now! We hope that the post will help you to narrow down your search as well as save some valuable time.